[Congregations #1] A Blush of Boys

I am a terrible blogger. This isn’t a surprise—I have never been able to keep a journal either. But I wanted to have some kind of regular feature on my website; something interactive, intimate, beautiful (or not beautiful).

Doing a playlist series was appealing for a multitude of reasons, not least of which is that I would be able to expand beyond the parameters of Radio Oscura, my weekly radio show. It took me a while to come up with a thematic string to draw the concept together, and “Congregations” is a name I’ve been using in various ways since my active LiveJournal days. I thought it would be the name of a SubStack newsletter, but this seems more my style: sharing music I love, once a month, for free.

This was not the original playlist I was going to post, but there’s something soft and melancholy about the abrupt slide Arizona makes from spring to summer. I was also feeling wildly nostalgic over a few songs last week, thus: A Blush of Boys. Enjoy.